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Companies are integrating the powerful health and personal growth tools of Tai Chi into the workplace because Tai Chi and Qi Gong can save companies money by supporting the health of it employees


Creativity is also a key benefit of practicing this internal art. Tai chi’s meditative quality enables practitioners to become more creative as they let go of being locked into old patterns. 

A popular corporate expression is to think outside the box, which means to look beyond the established way of doing things, to try and find new and innovative approaches. How do we do this?

We have to release the old ways of doing things. Tai chi is about letting go, mentally, emotionally and physically, making us clearer and more open to new possibilities and potential.

What you soon discover is that by becoming more loose and flexible physically, the more flexible you will become in your social and business interactions. We simply begin to loosen up, relax, and let go of all the control issues we have.

Communication improves dramatically. The more relaxed and at ease we are with ourselves, the more at ease we will be with co-workers.

Tai chi exercises help us to let go of attachment to outcome or destination and learn to flow through more effortless changes.

One thing that makes tai chi uniquely ideal for the workplace is that it requires no special clothing or equipment.

If you have 15 minutes and a quiet room, you are all set to experience some amazing stress reduction and energy boosting and since tai chi is slow and gentle, it is suitable for all ages and levels of fitness.​

To Start A Tai Chi And Qi Gong Program In Your Workplace

Please contact John - see contact pages for details

Sessions can include a combination of the following and tailored for your needs: 

  • Breath work - 3 breathing techniques to calm, center, align and focus.

  • Stretch - exercises to open up body, release tension and let go.

  • Energy movement - 5 QiGong exercises to create a sense of relaxation and harmony 

  • Meditation - 10 minutes to relax gain clarity, de stress and connect

  • Stress Management - strategies to reduce stress factors 

  • Relaxation


Courses can be designed for specific needs and aims. Other options can include:


  1. Tai Chi or Qigong Introductory session

  2. Wellbeing session

  3. Relaxation session

  4. Stress Management talk

  5. Tai Chi in the workplace 

  6. Mindfulness through stillness and movement


Please call to discuss in more detail John Collins 0868377147

• Tai chi can significantly reduce stress and boost performance

   in the workplace.

• Loss of productivity due to employee stress is costing

  companies millions.

• In America, corporations are increasingly turning to Tai chi as a

  solution to stress.

• A calmer and more relaxed workforce creates a more

  productive workforce.

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